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EI Transformer

EI Series    EI Series
EI Series    EI Series

Characteristics &Application Rang:
EI power supply transformers are made of good quality silicon sheet, which loses little power. This kind of transformers features low no-load loss, high output power, efficiency, low temperature, and low noise. They are widely used in air-conditioners, VCD, Hi-fi Audios, power amplifiers, power supply devices, metering devices and others.

Output power( VA )TypeDimension(L*H*W)lnsulation grade
0.5-1.2 VAEI-2828*27*35B
1.2-3.0 VAEI-3535*30*35B
3.0-10 VAEI-4141*35*48B
10-20 VAEI-4848*40*55B
20-50 VAEI-5757*50*65B
50-80 VAEI-6666*57*80B
80-100 VAEI-7676*65*85B
100-150 VAEI-8686*72*88B
120-220 VAEI-9696*82*100B
220-400 VAEI-114114*97*130B
400-600 VAEI-133133*112*140B

[Note: power and external dimensions of transformer may be designed to customers requirements .]