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SMD Inductor

EI Series

Characteristics &Application Rang:
The Surface Mount Power inductors are superior to be high saturation for large current. Low profile, low cost and high performance. Available on tape and reel for automatic insertion. They have a flat top and robust temperature deflection to prevent damage during solder refold. Suitable for reflow soldering. Available in magnetically shielded or unshielded version. Their high energy storage and very low resistance make them the ideal inductors for DC-DC converter and PDA. Available in 10 series with inductance ratings from 0.33uh to 47mH,these parts will handle currents up to 30Amps. In addition to the standard versions shown here, custom inductors are available to meet your exact requirements.

Power supply for VTR,LCD television set, Satellite receivers, Car audio systems, Mobile phone, Pagers, PDAs, Notebook Computer, OA equipments, DC-DC converters, Flash Memory Programers. Industrial machines, Portable communications, etc.

SeriesPart NO.Dimensions in mm(inches)Inductance Value Rang RatedCurrent Rang
CLN P1-6CLN45324.5±0.34.0±0.33.2±0.31.2 1.0uH~1000uH3.80A~0.08A
CLN58455.8±0.35.2±0.34.5±0.41.3 10uH~1000uH1.44A~0.18A
CLN78357.8±0.37.0±0.33.5±0.52.1 10uH~300uH1.44A~0.28A
CLN78507.8±0.37.0±0.35.0±0.32.1 10uH~470uH2.30A~0.34A
CLN104010.0±0.39.0±0.34.0±0.52.9 10uH~560uH2.38A~0.32A
CLN105410.0±0.39.0±0.45.4±0.42.9 10uH~820uH2.60A~0.24A

[Note: power and external dimensions of transformer may be designed to customers requirements.]